Several key researchers such as the EU FP7 Projects LACE ( and WatchMe ( as well as the Open Source community Apereo Foundation ( will present their approach and research agenda towards learning analytics. Furthermore, we will have some collaboration between the CAA conference and the local LASI event through a Special Track of Learning Analytics in e-Assessment and a panel discuss on the future of e-assessment in times of learning analytics.

Monday (30th June)

Requirements track

10:00 Keynote: Dr. Stefan Mol & Dr. Gábor Kismihók, Universiteit van Amsterdam Overcoming barriers to adoption for Learning Analytics at a Dutch University
10:45 Discussion with keynote speakers
11:00 Coffee break
11:30 Stakeholder Requirements (EU FP7 LACE Project), Dr. Hendrik Drachsler
12:00 Lunch break

Practitioner Track

13:00 Learning Analytics supported Instructional Design (EU FP7 WatchME project), Dr. Jeroen Donkers
15:00 Coffee break
15:30 Learning Analytics & Assessment Methods (Joint paper session wit CAA)
17:00 Panel discussion between LASI NL and CAA

Tuesday (1st July)

10:00  Keynote by Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hoppe, University Essen-Duisburg, Germany  
Beyond the obvious - advanced analytics tools and applications in educational contexts
10:45 Discussion with the Keynote speakers
11:00 The Caliper and XApi frameworks what are they and why they are important (OUNL) Hendrik Drachsler. (Perceptum) Sander Latour. (Apereo Foundation) Alan Berg 
11:30 Learning Analytics Initiative and working in an International community (Apereo Foundation) Alan Berg
12:00 Lunch break

Data wrangler track

13:00 Ethical, legal and security aspects of your LMS data Hendrik vom Lehn, TuDelft
14:00 Coffee break
14:30 Update for the LASIS Global event Hendrik Drachsler,OUNL

14:45 LA Research Scenario, a case study for Research Hendrik Drachsler,OUNL 

15:15  How to get your hands on the data of your LMS (e.g. Blackboard) Alan Berg, UvA and HvA (ICTservices) 
16:30 Drinks

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