Learning Analytics Summer Institute – Utrecht

On the 30th of June until 1th of July, a local Learning Analytics Summer Institute (LASI-Netherlands, #LASI_NL) will be organised in conjunction with the Computer Assisted Learning Conference CAA2014 (http://caaconference.co.uk/). After a very successful LASI-Amsterdam in 2013 we wish to foster the Dutch Learning Analytics community and their research efforts with this local event.

The event is part of a global network of LASI events related to the Society for Learning Analytics Research (SOLAR) that will be hold at that time in different locations over in the world. We expressly invite people that are new to the field to engage with the Dutch research community around Learning Analytics. #LASI_NL brings researchers together in a two-day summer school to foster synergies between national and international research efforts in the field.

You are invited to join and exchange your expertise and experiences and contribute constructively to the Learning Analytics community. The event will last two full days, is completely free and will be partly in Dutch and in English. Lunch is included. The event is being held near Utrecht.

Here are the route details.

The event is fully subscribed, therefore reservations are no longer possible.

The two days will be split into two topics:

  1. Practitioner day (30th of June). This track is looking at barriers to adoption, stakeholder requirements, instructional design and methods.
  2. Data Wrangler day (1st of July) is focused on the pragmatic issues for practitioners in the field such as insight over tooling, what are the standards needed to build infrastructure within a University and a workshop on getting data out of your LMS (e.g.: BlackBoard) and using.

A detailed programme of the even can be found here. LASI Utrecht is part of the global SOLAR LASI events

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